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Capacity Building & Training

There is a tendency in difficult economic times to cut training budgets, however training can offer greater protection for companies by improving commercial risk awareness across the workforce.

We all like to think that things will not go wrong in whatever line of business we are in, but invariably they do. Staff training can help teams to take a more proactive approach in managing commercial risk and help to reduce a company’s exposure.

Contract and commercial training generally leads to a stricter adherance to risk protection policies and processes and a greater focus on the core contractual requirements together with the required outcomes of a project.

We offer project or contract centric learning solutions based on the individual needs of the company and areas requiring skill development.

We recently provided onsite training for Hydropower projects in Peru and Panama to ensure that the project team improved their skills in managing risks, liabilities, and duties arising out of the contracts they were about to undertake.

Recently we conducted a series of onsite commercial awareness workshops to the purchasing team of BEL Valves in Wallsend. Supply Chain Manager Matthew Thorpe said ….

” I am writing to thank you for the excellent training course provided by ACSL during January and February 2012 .
The training was tailored very well to the needs of my buying team in  terms of content and relevance to the valve industry .
The workshop style worked particularly well and all of the Buyers who attended not only learned a lot of information , but enjoyed the way that the information was presented including excellent real life examples .
I would certainly recommend ACSL for any future training requirements ”


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